It all began...

It all started because I wanted Lumber Jack pellets but couldn't find them in our area.  I had a few options:

  • Keep using inferior pellets found locally

  • Pay exorbitant prices for Lumber Jack pellets online

  • Drive about 3 hours to purchase Lumber Jack pellets

  • Bulk order my own Lumber Jack Pellets

At the time none of these options sat well with me but I threw the dice and contracted to purchase 1-ton of pellets.  I started asking friends and co-workers if they would be interested and soon had commitments for 1.2 tons.

From there I worked through all the paperwork to become an authorized dealer of Lumber Jack pellets in out area.  Al because I want to cook with the best pellets available.

Obsessed?  Well maybe, but once you try Lumber Jack pellets you will find it hard to cook with anything else.